Then the customs kept the device, perhaps by googling the older model. If you have not read the reviews for the older model, I recommend it, because I will try not to repeat myself in apparently identical details. First, the Chinese celebrated the new year. Appearance 1 in 1, so I will not compete in the skill of photography from all sides, with the authors of previous posts. Therefore, when I saw that iMan was releasing a simplified and much cheaper version, I decided to take it. Hello everyone. So I had to choose a phone on the android platform. But here I have it. They really were according to item 18, but I had to buy for my own 🙂 De facto, the older Victor is the same, but with some differences, which will be discussed later. The order went exactly two months, almost a record. But the cheap model did not get all this – they did an analysis on and showed it clearly. Now the link to the product redirects to the older version, so I had to put a link to another store in the title.

iMan Victor S — a light version of a smartphone from a basin

I hope I won’t ruin the platform 🙂 To begin with, it was interesting to take an inexpensive model and I liked the reviews on Victor Sr. The seller was one of those strange guys who immediately offer a coupon for an order in their store for an amount less than the cost of the goods.
For a long time I avoided switching to android. I want to talk about a secure smartphone iMan Victor S, a simplified version of a smartphone that has already been reviewed on Muska; and the experience of switching to it from another platform. First I had symbian, then blackberry, then windows phone … but it seems that my karma is to kill the platforms I switch to, and as a result, two players have finally formed on the mobile market – even those applications that were ported to winphone, stopped updating. Not from an apple, by no means … On many sites, the phone is also credited with a fingerprint scanner – from which there is only a stub, and wireless charging. And the main thing that did not suit him was the price. Just a dollar – but also savings.