Or is it translated as 3S6500? Dear, does the indication of the operating voltage of 3.7V bother anyone? Well, Comrade Hivoltage turned out to be faster 🙂 … in order to write “20Ah”, because there are actually 6.5 of them for each element. The effect is pretty cool, but even after a sunny day, the charge lasts for a couple of hours at best. A hood, like in the picture, costs money.

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The CTIA has always considered the pinout of a 3.5mm jack to be pure wrecking – how can a microphone be connected to the case? I’m thinking of redoing a non-mains power supply. Much more than the cheapest. Well, first of all, I think it’s not a thermocouple, but a thermistor. Bought 8 pieces — lying around doing nothing. Something about aesthetics is not a word at all. Therefore, I would venture to suggest that those who chose such a hood – not least looked at her exterior. And now it is proposed to cover a decent part with a greasy rag – in my opinion, a so-so idea … There are no plates, sorry. If it’s made of plastic and with powdered cream and sugar, then what’s the https://jiji.com.et/296-water-pumps whole mess for? We are not talking about taste anymore … … there are show-offs 😉