The maximum length of the last one is 1150 mm. Weeks for two. Length – 390 mm The inside is smooth, like lining fabric. I chose a light green color according to the seller. And then, a brutal bearded man with a small backpack behind his shoulders somehow does not look very good (in my opinion). Recently I bought a well-known Xiaomi backpack in order to take a low-cost airline on a plane. The price was also very democratic. Handles and shoulder strap 40 mm wide. Width – 200 mm Height – 230 mm On sale bags of several colors. Dimensions: In fact, it is dark green (unfortunately, the photo does not convey the real color). Let me remind you that you can take hand luggage with you on the plane for free with a size of no more than 40x30x20 cm and a weight of up to 10 kg. The bag arrived very quickly. Oddly enough, but I managed to find what I was interested in. Made of polyester. The size is just what I was looking for

Small bag MOONBIFFY WH286 for travel and more.

But, firstly, I don’t really like to walk around the city with a backpack. Looks like denim on the outside. Moreover, on the product page you can take a coupon that reduces the price by another $1.
Therefore, I decided to look for a small sports bag on Ali.