Today, we all are going through difficult times. Most of us have to stay at home. Some of us can work from home while some are unable.

While everyone is away from their offices and workstations, we were exploring some better ways to support our users all around the world. We have users who have access to our licensed products in the office, users who are evaluating our products and users who would be interested in evaluating our products.

As an engineering software provider, ZWSOFT is willing to help, designers, architects, engineers, etc. who are working from home, with their CAD/CAM solutions, and we are also looking forward to spreading this good news on social platforms with the help of friends from The Marketing Heaven. We are offering FREE HOME LICENCES of our 2D CAD ZWCAD, 3D CAD/CAM ZW3D, and 3D CAD Viewer CADbro. You can get it here.

We are monitoring further activities about the development of the epidemic and figuring out various other possibilities to better support all of you. If there is anything you think ZWSOFT can help, please leave a comment and we’ll take it seriously.

We hope you enjoy your FREE LICENCES and have a good time working from home.


Courtesy: ZWSOFT