Piping Engineering

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  • Piping Design Basis, Specification and Various calculations as per applicable Codes and Standards.
  • Plant layouts and General Arrangement Drawings, Plant detailed engineering Bill of Material; Primary and Secondary Support Detail Design and Modelling.
  • Pipe rack design and detailing For Utilities Management and Engineering.
  • Piping Isometrics including details of welding, testing etc.
  • Piping design, arrangement, spool generation, isometric drawings and analysis.
  • Drafting ,3D Modelling and As Built Documentation.
  • Stress /flexibility analysis of high pressure and temp. critical lines using CAESAR-II. Steam Turbines (Main steam line, Extraction, Exhaust lines as per NEMA SM23), Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Tank Piping, Distillation Column as per ASME B31.1 and 31.3 codes and API Standards.
  • Pipe Support detailing and Specifications for spring hangers, rigid hangers, Expansion Joints strut etc.